We are the first Ethical Jeweller in Piedmont

We only use ETHICAL GOLD for 100% of our production.

We do this so that values of transparency and honesty which distinguish our customer relationship are also manifest in the procurement phase of the most used metal in our goldsmith work. Change comes by choice and we want to live in a better world.

We are creative designers, artisans and relentless innovators. A laboratory of ideas and a family.

A family that, in 1920, decided to follow their passion. The destination was the pleasure of journey itself: customer satisfaction achieved through the search of excellence and the desire to amaze.

Custom-made jewellery

We make you the protagonists of your personalized jewellery. Together, we create unique pieces, able to amaze and differentiate you from the ordinary.

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Ice, rocks, gas and a pinch of stardust are the ingredients of comets.


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The Irresistibles

Our women’s handmade jewellery is constantly evolving. The ethical jewellery creations of the “irresistible” line recall ancient symbols, archetypal shapes and existential geometries that enrich them with meaning. All the jewels are handmade, created to excite and be a value forever. Discover all of Giverso handmade jewellery collections.


Rebirth and Awakening

The Great Labyrinth

Around the world



Questa collezione vuole interpretare e farti indossare quel linguaggio cosmico che sembra accomunare i Meteoriti con le pepite d’oro.

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